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The Magie Factory adventure began with the meeting of 3 young French magicians. This project was born one day of December in Bordeaux. They realized it was more and more difficult to find high quality and lasting products magicians can use in professional conditions. Some product ideas were coming et it was very exciting ! It was then obvious : they had to sell their own products !

Most of the Magie Factory’s products are handcrafted and come from Aquitaine. They are made by specialists (joiners, leather workers, engineers…) with quality and durable materials for an intensive use. They have been thought as real magic tools and it makes them very useful for a lot of routines but you can let go your imagination to go much further !

Finally, these products have been optimized to take the least place as possible et to be reset very quickly. It has been done to avoid the main constraints you can meet during your professional performances. A 100% made in France shop for magicians who want reliable, convenient and durable materials and get a maximal impact on the public.

Who are we ?

Benjamin Vianney

Benjamin Vianney has a very successful career these past years. He won the 2008 French Magic Championship on TV channel Paris Première, first award on the Lary d’Or the same year. In 2009, you may have seen him on “le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”, one of the greatest moments of his career. A very talented magician… And very creative ! He designed effects for other magicians, a 21rst century magic with his first DVD “Virtual Magic Pro” in 2010. Talent, creativity and passion are the definition of the work of Benjamin VIANNEY !

Romain Key

 After a accident, Romain Key began magic and especially close-up. With a lot of passion and work, he quickly made a place in the closed circle of French professionals. Ten years of magic later, he regularly performed for Porsche, Orange, Audi, AXA… He is now well known for the way he performs and for the way he shares his magic.  

Théotim Martins

 The youngest magician of this trio, Théotim Martins has his own way to perform close-up magic. He quickly became of the youngest professional magicians in Aquitaine. He fell in love of close-up magic very early and his speciality is to involve spectators as much as possible and to show a visual magic. Mentalism takes an important place of his performances.