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A made in France Expertise !

All of our products are made of wood or leather in order to promote the expertise of local craftsmen/specialists (joiners, leather workers, engineers…).
All of these masterpieces are hand-made and are unique (you will never find two identical products) !
The materials have been carefully selected and tested, making the product very reliable and durable.
The purpose is to make an authentic and innocent object, you can be sure it will not catch the attention !
We took great care to compare real products you can find everywhere and can be bought by anyone with ours to look as much “normal” as possible.

For some of our products, we work with local and very talented engineers, developers and 3D designers.
At the beginning, we saw the final products like we imagined them and it seemed to work as they should. At this time, we were very confident and proud.
But reality was different… Some tests were not successful at all, we had to think about it and find other solutions : when it looks too simple, you have to work again very often!

For months, we worked on many different prototypes and mechanisms until finding the final product. Magicians meet a lot of problems when they perform… This was where we began to think of all the steps to solve these problems as much as possible !
For our current products, that is how we worked and it will be the same in the future !

Finally, all these products are hand-crafted and very talented professionals design them by computers. They look for your satisfaction starting with all the requirements we provided to them.