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With R-DIGIT, the numbers of the calculator will travel as if by magic from your spectator's phone to yours! A broom of numbers and magical effects opens up to you! Expect amazement and laughter from your audience.

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Thanks to R-DIGIT Iphone calculator app, numbers will travel magically from your spectator’s mobile to yours. You will discover a large field of magic effects. Get ready for stupefaction and laughs from your audience.


  • Strictly like the real calculator app
  • Switching secretly from calculator mode to routine mode and vice versa, in front of your audience and whenever you want
  • Possibility to chain up any calculator routines from your repertoire (ex :Toxic) before or after R-Digit, without leaving the application
  • For all Iphones
  • All effects are configurable (triggering of effects, delays)
  • Possibility to connect a Bluetooth remote control although everything is provided to do without


Usually not a big fan of magic apps, which often feel that it is the app that does the trick... Here, everything is justified, a simple calculator, the effects are more and more bluffing, to arrive at an almost surreal effect... As funny as magic!!! I love it! 

Gaëtan Bloom

One of the best cell phone trick i have ever seen. It is really magical. A strong piece of magic to perform everywhere.  

Miguel Muñoz

Wow Chris New trick R-Digit So Cool ,and yes man I will be using it myself for sure. 

Etienne Pradier

Original, fun and surprising, R-digit brings together everything we expect from a magic application. 

Mikael Szanyiel