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Business Card Revolution 2.0

379,00 €

This product is no longer in stock

First presented at the 2010 French Magical Convention in Paris, Business Card Revolution was quickly sold out in a few weeks. Professional magicians liked its effect so much that it has been seen many times on TV.

Seven years later, Benjamin Vianney comes back with an improved version of this very commercial & emotionally powerful effect !

B.C.R 2.0 is clearly one of the best ways for a professional magician to let his business card to the spectators ! They will remember this incredible moment !!

You may have seen this effect many times on TV by famous magicians. This high quality version is more compact and is now available on Android (and always on iOS).

A lot of effects are possible, for instance :

Imagine, you take a picture of the spectators holding a prediction with your phone. It is very clear, it can not be denied during the whole experience !

Once the picture has been taken, the phone is placed on the table, the spectator puts his hand on it. You give to the spectators a regular deck of cards, they can examine et shuffle it.

You give your business card  to a spectator and he/she placed it into the deck wherever he wants. The card under your business card is the chosen card that can be shown to anyone (for instance : the ten of hearts).

You are very surprised and make them believe it has failed ! You show the prediction : a joker. You tell them the joker can replace any card in a deck. You grab your phone to see if the joker was already there before the spectator chose the card.

The picture taken earlier is shown : the spectator was holding the ten of hearts !!

Afterwards, you tell the spectator you can not let him/her the picture because it is on your phone, but you can let him/her your business card. The spectator take it, turns it over and he can see the picture of him holding the ten of hearts !!

An incredible moment the spectator can keep !

Many components have been tested for you, you will get the best currently on the market to realize this effect.

B.C.R 2.0 is a tool, a concept, you can create a lot of magic/mentalism routines.

Advantages :

  • Everything is clean, the deck can be given to the spectator before and after the effect.

  • No change of the business card from the moment it is out of you wallet.

  • The picture is really printed (in colors) on the back of the business card

  • Great trick to let your business card to the spectator

  • Instant Reset

  • You can perform 10 times before reloading.

  • No ink is used to print the picture.

  • Android and iOS (no jailbreak) supported

With the 2.0 version :

  • Android is now supported

  • you will use a dedicated app.

  • The impression is faster and better.

  • you will get a prop to attach the item to your belt and free your pockets.

What they say about BCR 2.0

- Antonio (2016 winner of France Got Talent)

I am one of the first user of BCR, I have to say it is a real BOMB !!! Very commercial and surprising for the spectators. Get it ! Bravo to Benjamin for his creativity !

- Frank Truong :

To be honest, that’s not very often I see tricks and I say to myself : “Wow, I think I missed something”. That’s what happened during the last convention when Benjamin was doing this last trick Business card revolution. We were completely blown ! Not only the effect is just great mais it can easily customize it. Perfect to let his business card or the logo of the customer who hired you. The one who performs a lot for companies will love it !

- Mickaël Chatelain :

This effect will leave an incredible souvenir in the mind of the spectators ! That’s what I felt when I saw Benjamin perform Business Card Revolution. The business card with the picture proves it’s not a dream but reality ! BCR is undoubtedly the strongest moment of your performance !

- Loïc Gohiec :

I have known Benjamin for a long time and all of his creations are each time stronger than the last one ! I was near by Benjamin during the French magical convention in 2010, I was lucky to see his presentation of Business Card Revolution more than 10 times and I have to say, I have never seen such an impact on the spectators !! Like my friend Franck Truong said : “Wow” !!!

For me, that’s the best way to let your business card and leave a strong and magical souvenir to your customers !

- Kamel le magicien :

First time I saw BCR, I had chills... How was it possible for him to have a picture of me with the card I chose??? This is just a killer effect !