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Euphorya Playing Cards 1st Edition

15,00 €

After 12 months of collaboration, we are pleased to present: The limited edition of our Euphorya Playing Cards fully hand drawn !!

There are discount prices from 3, 6 and 12 games so don't hesitate.

More details

Having successfully completed the Venom Project last year, the Magie Factory team have been working extra hard to bring you the Euphorya Playing Cards! To all those backers, we'd like to say once again, thank you for your support! Without your help, this campaign would not be possible today. 

Some interesting thoughts about this project :

  • This is our first card game, but believe us... we have do everythings to meet our expectations,
  • We have called in a designer from Bordeaux so he can be available and hand in hand in the realization of this project,
  • Jeremy Schiavo, the Bordeaux designer is a very complete artist that we invite you to discover through his Instagram,
  • Importantly, all the cards, from typography to the realization of the figures were drawn by hand by Jeremy,
  • To guarantee an uncompromising quality level, we decided to use the USPCC company to print our card game.

In collaboration with the French designer Jeremy Schiavo we have worked for over a year on the realization of this card game. Jeremy's reputation is well established which is why he had carte blanche to indulge his creativity.

The theme of this card game is, as you will have seen, nature but in black and white. So we worked on a clean design but full of details to have a unique deck of cards.

In order to go into the details and the realization of this game, here are the elements that it is composed of:

At first we wanted the borders super thin but then we realized that while performing sleight of hand, this could create a problem. The borders are just slightly thinner than standard bicycles. we wanted this deck to be beautiful while still maintaining functionality. we thought about redesigning all the number and face cards but then we realized people wouldn't stop thinking of the faces if they were too out of the ordinary.

This would be distracting and make them think the deck is a trick deck. So we figured we would keep the classic bicycle faces. This is something laymen are familiar with and is an ode to nostalgia. An ode to my beginning.

Printing and Quality

The United States Playing Card Company, established in 1867, produces and distributes many brands of playing cards, including Bicycle, Bee, Hoyle... The quality of the bicycle cards is no longer presented and that's why we decided to use their service for the printing of our card game. After visiting and talking with the printing specialists at the USPCC we decided to choose the best quality of cards that this printer offers.

Euphorya // Playing Cards Magie Factory from Piximovie on Vimeo.