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OVERLAYED by David Penn and Magie Factory is a real tool for creating routines, which allows you to reinforce existing effects, but also and above all to create others that were impossible until then ! With a borrowed phone!

OVERLAYED allows you to overlay and animate digital effects in images captured in real time . It can even be selfies that the viewer can share on their social networks, freezing their moment of magic forever!

OVERLAYED lets you enhance existing effects such as David's "Digital Double Cross" and "Card Apparition", and create awesome new ones that were impossible until now.

Imagine taking a picture with your camera or the spectator's phone (using an NFC tag sold separately), then you can visually show any image (object, writing, shape, etc.) at a specific location on this same image!

All OVERLAYED effects can be animated invisibly because you, as the performer, control everything!

The image can then be automatically saved to the phone's gallery with or without the transformation.

Some examples of routines:

In "Digital Double Cross", the cross is removed from the spectator's hand and is dropped into an image of their hand on the phone screen! It is then magically removed from the digital image and transferred to their other hand. Finally, you travel back in time and the cross is back in their image, but in the camera roll, ready to be shared. (Double Cross sold separately by Magic Smith)

In "Card Apparition", you can take a selfie with yourself and your spectators. A chosen card then disappears and appears in the previously taken image, at any time, under your full control! The map can look real or look like a ghostly apparition as everything is customizable in the clean and crisp settings and animation area of the app.

There are endless possibilities that are only limited by your imagination. Join the user group on FACEBOOK where the user community will grow and continue to share ideas and routines.

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The impossibility, on their phone

Take a picture with their phone and create the impossible. Appearance of an object, disappearance, transformation, sound effects... everything is possible!
A memory frozen forever, in their own photo gallery. Impactful and commercial as desired.

practical, intuitive, limitless

Prepare, save and perform your effects with disconcerting ease. Shapes, images, writing… The application enhances your creativity to allow you to create impromptu, modern and memorable effects.

Endless possibilities