Our creations or accessories, respond to a desire to promote the expertise of local craftsmen , specialized in their respective fields (carpenters, leather workers, etc.).
These objects are made by hand , and therefore become real works by the fact that they are unique. No two are the same.
The materials have been carefully selected, tested, so that the product lasts over time.
Once the latter was finished, it was essential that it looked like an authentic, innocent object, and not a fake accessory likely to attract attention... Thus, we took as a guideline the comparison with "real" products. “, which can be found everywhere, and above all can be bought by anyone, so that ours blend into this “normality”.

Over time, many prototypes were born, of various shapes, with different materials and mechanisms, gradually revealing the final product.
Starting from the current problems and requirements of many illusionists is truly the starting point of our work. All the previous steps are essential for us to try to answer them as well as possible.
This was the case with the products currently available, but it is still and always a daily work for the future ones, which is deeply exciting.

Finally, whether for products made by hand, or those designed by people behind their computer screens, these designers are indeed talented professionals, with the desire to best meet the requirements that we submit to them.
Thus, by buying on Magie-Factory, it is also the passion and know-how of these real artists that you are buying!