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With R-DIGIT, calculator digits will magically travel from your spectator's phone to yours! A broom of numbers and magic effects then opens up to you! Undoubtedly expect amazement and laughter from your audience.
A turnkey routine of more than 2 min by Chris Torrente.


  • Same operation as a real calculator.
  • Switch from calculator mode to routine mode and vice versa right in front of your audience and when you want it.
  • Possibility of chaining any calculator routine that is part of your repertoire (eg: Toxic) before or after R-DIGIT without leaving the application.
  • Set of fully configurable effects (trigger mode, delays, etc.)
  • Possibility to connect a universal Bluetooth remote control, but everything is planned to do without.
  • Instant reset
  • Detailed explanation video (French/English) (subtleties are discussed to enhance the effects)
  • No need for wifi or Bluetooth (can be done in airplane mode)
  • Two versions: fun and classic
  • Very easy to do
  • System requirements: Apple (iPhone) iOs 12 minimum and later versions.

Usually, not a big fan of magic apps, which often feel that it's the app that does the trick... Here, everything is justified, a simple calculator, the effects are more and more stunning, to achieve an effect almost surreal… As funny as it is magical!!! I adore!
Gaetan Bloom

One of the best cell phone trick i have ever seen. It is really magical. A strong piece of magic to perform everywhere.
Miguel Munoz

Wow Chris New trick R-Digit So Cool ,and yes man I will be using it myself for sure.
Etienne Pradier

Original, fun and surprising, R-digit brings together everything you expect from a magic application.
Mikael Szanyiel


Always ready, to perform

You open your calculator, the spectator as well, and demonstrate the impossible.
Everything is configurable and entirely under your control.
Travels of numbers and more, a modern routine, impromptu and memorable.
Hight impact guaranteed!

Totally innocent, diabolically surprising

Open new doors to R-DIGIT with the R-DIGIT+ option (in-app purchase).
It's no longer one but two borrowed iPhones that come into play, yours stays in your pocket...
It's up to you to drive your viewers crazy.