Impossible nail - Simple

€39,00 EUR
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Do you like small little objects that seem to defy physics and logic?
You will love the impossible nail.

In collaboration with the Bottleologist, we are proud to be able to offer you this unique piece exclusively from Magie Factory.

A 65mm nail driven into the interior notches of a piece of solid wood. The wood has been scored and the nail added - no glue has been used and the nail is solid and has not been bent, cut, glued or altered in any way. It slides freely back and forth in the block of wood.

The wood measures approximately 105mm x 30mm and contains a 65mm nail which seems impossible to insert into it.

This impossible object intrigues people and encourages them to think and reason.

Impossible nails are not unique to The bottleologist, but this version's build quality, finishes, and depth of the nail in the wood are.