Simple Venom Pack

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Attention ! This pack does not allow you to do the vast majority of the effects from the teaser (Two ITR Venom required).

It took two years of work and research, more than a dozen prototypes, to develop an easy-to-use and practical tool, providing FI enthusiasts with a faster reset in the event of a break, and a great versatility of use .

We are proud to present to you a 100% mechanical ITR thus avoiding you to be dependent on a cell/battery and the fear that it generates in terms of lifespan. So you can fully concentrate on your presentation;

You will be able in unit use, to achieve all the current effects known in the field of IT

You will receive in this pack an ITR Venom loaded with IT, as well as an additional blank rolling spool.

VENOM ITR has been designed to allow, in a minimum of time:

  • A faster reset in the event of FI breakage
  • Simplified voltage adjustment
  • Blocking a specific length
  • Simplified customization of the different elements (FI, tension, grip, etc.)

*The FI provided is perfect for training but is not recommended for all performance conditions. All references (IFs, disassembly etc.) are included in the explanations.

Contents of the Unit VENOM Pack:

  • 1 x ITR VENOM loaded in IT
  • 1 x Spool on additional blank bearing
  • The accessory needed for customization
  • Instructions and tips

Une conception sans consessions

100% Mécanique

- Reset ultra rapide en cas de casse du F.I
- Réglage simplifié de la tension
- Blocage d’une longueur spécifique
- Customisation simplifiée des différents éléments (F.I, tension, accroche etc.)