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An original decorative object that appeals, stimulates the imagination and invites you to dream.

Memento Mori playing cards were popularized by famous magician Chris Ramsay and are among the best-selling cards in the world.

Impossible bottles are intriguing. They create a feeling of wonder and curiosity. They inspire us to think about what is possible, even when it seems impossible.

What if it was possible to bottle mortality? To deceive death by controlling it, by capturing it.

This bottle will look great on your desk or shelf. A surprising and stimulating decorative object.

A deck of cards comes completely sealed inside a small bottle, with no space for the deck itself.

The weight is perfect. Inexplicably, if you were to open it, you would find all 56 cards inside the case.

Join the people throughout history who have preserved skulls to remember that the only certain thing in life is death.

Each bottle is handcrafted by Stanley YASHAYEV

Perfect conversations about magic or philosophy.