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This handcrafted wooden box with eight square pegs will make you crazy!

The goal is to arrange the pegs (numbers 1-8) so that no consecutive number touches a connecting line. For example, number 1 cannot be linked to number 2; number 2 cannot be linked to number 3 or 1; number 5 cannot be linked to number 4 or 6; etc. It is an intriguing riddle that attracts people. It seems easy, but as soon as you start rearranging the pieces, the complexity of the task reveals itself.

The idea for the puzzle came from Martin Gardner in his book "The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems" He wrote: "This enigmatic number problem, the inventor of which is unknown, was transmitted to me by L. Vosburg Lyons of New York City (February 1962 ). There is only one solution , but if you try to find it without a logical procedure, it will be difficult. A digital computer running through all possible permutations of the numbers finds 40,320 different possible arrangements. » I discovered that there are actually four solutions, but each of them is a mirror of the one true solution.

This puzzle is made from hardwood and designed to last a lifetime . The pegs are square so that the numbers are correctly oriented. The numbers are laser engraved, not inked, so they last. The puzzle comes with a base and a lid. The title and instructions are laser engraved on the surface of the cover. This is something you will proudly display on your desk. You will also enjoy seeing others remain perplexed by him.

Made in the USA.