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Find the identity of a person and the card they have chosen thanks to their fingerprint.

Effect :

A spectator chooses a card, puts it back in the game… Then point out to him when choosing his card that he has just affixed his fingerprint on it.

The card is lost in the deck, then the deck is shuffled.

Explain that thanks to this “biometric signature”, it is very easy to have information on the person and to find the identity of his card.

Spread cards on a table. Take out your iPhone/iPad and pass it over the game to memorize the different fingerprints left.

Ask the spectator to put his finger on the virtual detector of the applicationThe "scan" starts...

The spectator sees his photo appear, as well as his first name and the card he has chosen .


  • Can be done with any card.
  • Easy to make; the app works for you.
  • Instant reset with another card and another spectator
  • The photograph of the spectator can be done in impromptu mode.
  • Access to settings via a hidden menu for complete customization of the application.
  • Strong impact on the public.

The appearance of the person's photo and first name is not mandatory. You are free to put a photo and the message you want in the spaces provided for this purpose.

This application is intended for entertainment only, and cannot be used as a real fingerprint scanner.

A remarkable effect!

Whether you are a professional magician or a simple amateur, this application will allow you to achieve an incredible effect that will mark your spectators.

How can you have information about him (photo + name / surname) on your phone when you did not know each other 2 minutes ago.

100% Customizable

Many options are possibles:

- Take a photo of the spectator live (secretly with the front camera)
- Choice of card
- Use of sound effects
- Entering the card live via a fake pin code screen
- Spectator first name field