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€14,99 EUR
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Instantly turn your iPhone/iPad into a cash machine.

Why wait in line at the bank or look for an ATM when you can have one in the palm of your hand?

Imagine you are at a restaurant with friends.
When it's time to pay, take out your wallet. Damn, it's almost empty.
Indeed there is nothing there except a little change and your credit card.

Take out your iPhone then explain that your bank is now offering its customers a new service that you are giving your friends the scoop on this evening.

Take out your bank card and “insert” it into your iPhone.

A window then appears on the screen asking you to enter your code.

After validation of this one, enter the amount in euros that you wish to withdraw.
We see your ticket printed on the screen and instantly you pull it out as if by magic.

This application is intended for entertainment only and cannot be used as a real ATM in any way.

  • The application is translated into French and English.
  • iPhone/iPad compatible
  • No timer, all triggers are under your control.
  • All currencies integrate into an image bank.
  • Use your own PNG images.

Simple and entertaining

Our app is designed to provide an intuitive and effortless experience! No need to worry about synchronizing with a timer, the volume +/- buttons on your iPhone allow you to trigger the effects and the different screens. With our app, everything is under your control so you can focus on what really matters: The presentation of the effect.

Any currency

You can use any currency and choose from a built-in coin and banknote image bank. You can also personalize your experience by uploading your own designs in PNG format to display on the vending machine screen.

Contactless payment

The contactless mode will allow you to give the illusion that you are scanning the bank card to make the withdrawal.