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SLOW DANCE Illusion frame

€449,00 EUR
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Couleur: Ebonized Ash

Have you ever seen an illusion just in front of your eyes?

The first creation of Wonder Machines , the Slow Dance frame is a particularly futuristic living prop . It allows real objects to appear in slow motion. The frame uses optical illusion and the limits of human visual perception to make the impossible seem possible.

Each object placed on it will receive vitality and dance like an elegant dancer. Slow Dance was originally designed by designer Jeff Liberman for his best friend couples who are both dancers as a wedding gift. The design is inspired by the exploration of nature and the feelings of two living bodies communicating through dance and presents the mood through the combination of science, art and design.

Different Modes

Different modes allow you to switch between different dance modes, allowing for different dance patterns. Slow Dance and Pop & Lock are slow, flowing and elegant like slow motion; and Double Trouble makes objects look like they're jumping through space!

The frame is made of black stained ash wood or light pine wood . The frame has a width of 34.5 cm, a height of 36.7 cm and a depth of 5 cm.

  • Weight 1.36kg
  • 2 Feathers
  • Wall mounting hook
  • Optional legs for stability
  • Multi-country conversion power adapter
  • Designed in Cambridge
  • Cable length 300cm
  • 2-4 Light output
  • 12V DC 500mA
  • 1 year warranty
  • Wonder Machines
Couleur: Ebonized Ash


"Slow dance" is the first creation of Wonder Machines - A photo frame that makes real objects appear to move in slow motion. By taking advantage of the limits of human visual perception, this optical illusion sculpture appears to do the impossible - right before your eyes. Slow Dance combines technology, science and art to remind us of the natural mystery, beauty and wonder that surrounds us every day.

YOU bring the items to Slow Dance

It is a blank table that you must compose. From grasses in the street to flowers in the garden to bird feathers, each object will reveal a new world in slow motion.

After two years of playing with it, we are always amazed when we try a new object.

the world it reveals seems endless