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Modèles et tailles

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The History of Swinging Sticks

The "Swinging Sticks" were developed by two Germans who wanted to build a perpetual motion machine. They spent many years and hours developing the perfect perpetual motion machine. A machine that would swing eternally without stopping. The result is "The Swinging Sticks". The Swinging Sticks were the closest thing to a perfect perpetual motion machine.

A 100% perfectly functioning perpetual motion machine is impossible to build due to friction, but The Swinging Sticks comes close.
With just one set of 4 alkaline batteries, "The Swinging Sticks" will keep swinging for two years. This means that the "Swinging Sticks" use very little extra power.
The two Germans thus created the perfect perpetual motion mobile illusion. After building a working prototype of the Swinging Sticks, the two Germans started sending small samples from their workshop in Germany. "The Swinging Sticks" has become increasingly popular over the years and is now sold worldwide.


  • Materials:
    -Desktop toy version : ABS
    -Original version/size: Wood & aviation Aircraft aluminum 
  • Dimensions:
    -Desktop toy model: 26 cm x 40 cm x 9 cm
    -Modèle original : 41 x 9.5 x 44.5 cm
  • Number of Moving Sticks: 2
  • Works with batteries
  • Style: Newton's Cradle with Sticks
  • Scientific decorative gift idea
  • 5 years Warranty
Modèles et tailles

Magical and Unusual

This contemporary art sculpture with its sleek design is of the most beautiful effect and will captivate you with its perpetual and hypnotic movement.

It comes alive in total silence and looking at her for several minutes is soothing.

Same as Miss Pepper Potts in Iron Man

Movies fans will surely recognize this unusual object from the movie Iron Man 2 in which the The Swinging Sticks sits proudly on the desk of Miss Pepper Potts, Tony Stark's personal secretary.