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VENOM Accessories

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Venom kit: 180 meters of thread
Ces différents kits pour votre Venom sont complémentaires  pour prolonger sa durée de vie et garantir une utilisation intensive de qualité pendant de nombreuses années. Composé de pièces de rechange de haute qualité, ces kit sont conçus pour s'adapter parfaitement à vos Venom et remplacer efficacement toutes les pièces qui pourraient être endommagées ou manquantes.
Venom kit: 180 meters of thread

Product information


We offer here the wire used by Arthur Chavaudret for the effects with the Venoms. Certainly one of the strongest monofilament IT on the market.

It's strong, thin and virtually invisible under fluorescent lights.

This 200 meter reel will allow you to recharge your Venoms for years.


Storage box

This small holder is the perfect accessory to store and protect your ITR Venoms. It is printed in ABS for more resistance and durability.

Always in your pocket

Like Airpods, your venoms will never leave you, and you can use them at the slightest opportunity.


Spare parts kit

This kit will allow you to replace worn or lost parts of your Venoms, it consists of:

- 2 clips

- 2 clasps to screw (for the bottom)

- 2 caps


Spools with bearings

The winding of the IT of your Venom is no longer fluid or makes noise?
It's time to replace the bearing and its spool.

A high precision bearing

It is the centerpiece of the Venom, so we opted for the rolls of the bearings, this one is of unparalleled fluidity.

This kit of 2 empty coils with bearing is ideal to replace those of your venoms.


Complete set

This replacement kit for used or lost parts for your Venom is the essential accessory to extend its life and guarantee intensive quality use for many years. Consisting of high quality replacement parts, this kit is designed to perfectly fit your Venom and effectively replace any parts that may be damaged or missing.
It's made of :

- 2 clips

- 2 caps

- 2 clasps to screw (for the bottom)

- 2 empty spools with bearing

- 200 meters of IT