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The preparation time of your business cards (design & printing) and your personalized template is 1 week maximum. Please note that your order will be shipped after this period.

First presented at the 2010 French Magical Convention in Paris, Business Card Revolution was quickly sold out in a few weeks. Professional magicians liked its effect so much that it has been seen many times on TV.

Seven years later, Benjamin Vianney comes back with an improved version of this very commercial & emotionally powerful effect!

BCR 2.0 is clearly one of the best ways for a professional magician to let his business card to the spectators! They will remember this incredible moment!!

You may have seen this effect many times on TV by famous magicians. This high quality version is more compact and is now available on Android (and always on iOS).


Many components have been tested for you, you will get the best currently on the market to realize this effect.

BCR 2.0 is a tool, a concept, you can create a lot of magic/mentalism routines.


  • The picture is really printed (in colors) on the back of the business card
  • Great trick to let your business card to the spectator
  • Instant Reset
  • You can perform 10 times before reloading.
  • No ink is used to print the picture.

  • Everything is clean, the deck can be given to the spectator before and after the effect.

  • No change of the business card from the moment it is out of you wallet.

  • Compatible with any smartphone under IOS and Androïd*.

  • you will get a prop to attach the item to your belt and free your pockets.

  • An application specially developed for B.C.R (IOS only)
  • * The Android version is not provided with the dedicated application BCR 

An application specially designed for the effect

The BCR app (IOS Only) provides intuitive functions to go even further.

Top pros opinion


I am one of the first users of Business Card Revolution and I must say that it is a BOMB!!! Very commercial and very surprising for the public. I highly recommend ! Congratulations to Benjamin for his creative spirit.


An effect with multiple twists that will leave an impossible memory in people's minds, that's what I felt when I saw Benjamin introduce me to Business Card Révolution... In addition, the business card with the photo proves you well that it was not a dream, but reality! Business Card Révolution will undoubtedly be the highlight of your close-up!!!


The first time I saw him, I got chills... How could he have a picture of me with the chosen card???


BCR 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference with PPR?

PPR is only an application that allows you to automatically print on a mini printer. BCR is a complete pack (with the printer and all the accessories) it is above all a tool that will allow you to develop many concepts around printing with a business card or other on the back of the photo.

What comes with BCR 2.0?
  • The BCR 2.0 Pack contains:
  • A mini printer
  • 1 holder to put the printer on the belt (it can also be used in your pocket)
  • 30 refills directly prepared with your business card.
  • 1 deck of cards with 1 special gimmick allowing you to perform the basic routine.
  • 1 USB key with all the video explanations and templates with your card design.
  • The BCR App (iOS Only)
What is the size of the mini printer?

The printer is barely larger than a deck of cards , it measures:
75mm x 115mm x 24mm

What is the cost of refills?

This will cost you around €0.40 per printed card.

I already have a business card design, can I use it with it?

Certainly ! we will check your design and make adjustments if necessary in order to have a 100% success rate

I don't have a business card, can you create one for me?

Yes, this service is included in the pack! Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email with 10 models to choose from for the design of your card. We will then customize it to your liking.

How long does it take to print the card?

Approximately 35 seconds, the routine explained in the pack is designed to allow plenty of time for the card to print.

Does the print make noise?

The noise is relatively minimal and will be covered without problems in conditions with the public.

Do I have to go through Magie Factory to print my business cards afterwards?

No, we provide you on the USB key in your pack with a template of your business cards directly ready to be printed on a classic office printer. If you have one, you can print your cards yourself. For those who don't want to bother, we also offer a printing service for your cards, contact us for more information.

I am using an Android phone can I still do the effect?

Yes this is possible on Android too, you will need to use the printer manufacturer's app to send the photo to print. It takes a little longer than with our dedicated application (IOS Only) which is really designed for use in professional conditions.