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This application is developed exclusively for IOS (iPhone & iPad) currently.

Pocket Printer Revolution (IOS only)
It took months of research and development to develop this application practical and very easy to use ensuring magicians great reliability in professional situations.

This application allows to print automatically any image on a "mini printer"* 

Operation couldn't be simpler: 

All you have to do is leave the PPR app running in the background with the "Automatic Mode" function activated. 

Everything will then be automated, from the moment a new image arrives in your camera roll. 

So imagine being able to print any image from your favorite apps (TAP, Rubiked, Collectricks, etc.), or even a screenshot, without any manipulation on your phone.

A large number of functions designed for Workers (filters, multiple impressions, image enhancement tool, etc.) 

  • The application can run in the background, no need to be on it to send to the printer. 
  • Ability to choose a specific album (all images that arrive in this album will be printed)
  • Access to the closed FB group where ideas can be shared.
  • Requires an HP Sprocket printer

After your order, you will receive an invitation to install the application as well as access to the explanatory video.

*Currently only "HP sprocket" and "HP sprocket plus" printer are compatible with the application. The "HP sprocket 200" does not work at the moment.

More printers will be added in future updates.


Questions fréquentes sur P.P.R


PPR est une application qui vous permet d’imprimer automatiquement sur une mini imprimante (non foruni).

BCR est un pack complet (avec l’imprimante et tous les accessoires) c’est avant tout un outil qui vous permettra de développer de nombreux concepts autour de l’impression avec une carte de visite ou autre au dos de la photo. 

Quels sont les modèles d'imprimantes compatibles ?

Actuellement seule l'imprimante "HP sprocket 100" et "HP sprocket +" sont compatibles avec l'application.

La "HP sprocket 200" ne fonctionne pas pour le moment. 

Si nous arrivons à ajouter d'autres imprimantes dans le futur, elles seront indiquées dans cette section.

Cette application est elle compatible sur Android ?

Non, nous ne proposons qu'une version IOS.